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Armin Koren was born in 1979 in SL.Gradec, Slovenia, and He has studied industrial desing in Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.
The dreams for designing yachts was started when he met 2002 for the first time Dan Lenard in Venice.
After a while, he slowly became involved in the design process with his team of designers in his studio Nuvolari-Lenard.
After studying for a year and acquiring knowledge, NL offered to be responssabile for the first serious project of 90 feet sailing yacht and the process of the dream slowly took his place to become professional designer.

After five years of working, the paths dissolved and this gave birth to the idea of ​​establishing its own design studio Venetian Design Group, based in Trieste.
Today, besides smaller projects, the Venetian Design Group is the most prominent project of mega yacht Oceanco 84 m, Abundo 45 m yacht PAX for charter and the world's smallest ecological bestseller for children DarthCraft 1.7 m.

Venetian Design Group has also developed some special design concepts which will be presented in the future.

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Armin Koren


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Igor Tomič

sales manager